Hrvatska komora inženjera strojarstva


The Croatian Chamber of Mechanical Engineers is an independent professional organization which safeguards reputation, honour and rights of chartered mechanical engineers, promotes, harmonizes and represents their common interests before national and other authorities both in Croatia and abroad, and takes care that the chartered mechanical engineers perform their tasks conscientiously, respecting the law and public interest, while protecting and improving the Croatian construction heritage and sustainability of development.

Members of the Chamber perform, within the professional discipline of mechanical engineering, tasks such as design engineering, auditing, design control and project supervision, and construction project management in the fields of physical planning, building and building products manufacture.

This web site offers basic information about the structure, organization, Books and Standards Library, Chamber members, lifelong education of the members, photo gallery, etc.


The Chamber is represented by its president. The Chamber activities include the work the Chamber conducts on the basis of its public authorities, as stipulated by the Act on Architectural and Engineering Activities in Physical Planning and Building and other activities as determined by the Chamber Statutes. The Chamber activities under its public authorities include: setting up and maintaining Chartered Mechanical Engineer's Directory as a record of all its members; setting up and maintaining a Directory of foreign chartered mechanical engineers which are members of the Chamber; setting up and maintaining a Directory of interns/candidates for registration with the Chamber; setting up and maintaining a Directory of independent design and/or construction supervision bureaus; setting up and maintaining a Register of joint bureaus; setting up and maintaining a Register of design companies; setting up and maintaining Records of work permits issued to foreign graduate mechanical engineers; setting up and maintaining Records of certified foreign persons issued an approval for temporary or one-time engagement on design engineering and/or project supervision as a responsible persons; setting up and maintaining Records of persons with recognized international professional qualifications; setting up and maintaining Records of companies which employ chartered mechanical engineers; approving and withdrawing approvals for use of a chartered mechanical engineers stamp and card; supervising work done by the chartered mechanical engineers; setting up and maintaining Records on disciplinary procedures; setting up and maintaining Records on arbitral proceedings; setting up and maintaining Records on members removed from the Directory and Register of the Chamber.
The Chamber bodies include: Assembly, Management Board, Supervisory Board, president, disciplinary bodies, Arbitral Tribunal, Registration Committee and Chamber Secretariat and other bodies set up by the Chamber Statutes. The Chamber bodies conduct work from their scope of responsibilities independently.

The members of the Chamber are physical persons professionally involved in design engineering and/or professional supervision as responsible persons entitled, according to the law, to use professional title of a chartered mechanical engineer.


 IIIrd floor
10000 ZAGREB

TEL: ++ 385 1 777 55 70; 777 55 71
FAX: ++ 385 1 777 55 74


Mondays 08.00 – 17.30 hours
Tuesdays 08.00 – 16.00 hours
Wednesdays 08.00 – 16.00 hours
Thursdays 08.00 – 16,00 hours
Fridays 08.00 – 14.30 hours


The president represents the Chamber, he is responsible for its legal operation, and conducts other activities envisaged and prescribed by the Statutes. The president is elected for a four-year term which ends on the date a new president is elected by the Chamber Assembly. The president can be re-elected for another term.


The vice-president of the Chamber cooperates directly with the president, acts as his deputy in president's absence or when he is tied up by other commitments, and carries out other work entrusted to him by the Chamber president. The vice-president is elected for a four-year term.


The Chamber Assembly is the highest decision-making body of the Chamber comprising 35 representatives elected according to the principle of regional representation covering all the regional committees. The Assembly members are elected for a four-year term, namely until the new members are elected.


The Chamber Executive Board consists of the Chamber president and eight (8) members elected on the principle of regional representation of all election units. The Executive Board members are elected for a four-year term, namely until the new members are elected. The Executive Board is an executive body conducting the Chamber's operations, taking care of enforcement of the Program and decisions of the Chamber. The Executive Board is presided and represented by the Chamber president, who can convene the Executive Board at his discretion at any time.


The Chamber Supervisory Board has its chair and two members. The Supervisory Board members cannot be members of any other Chamber body. The Chamber Supervisory Board is accountable for its work to the Chamber Assembly. The Supervisory Board members are elected for a four-year term, namely until the new members are elected.


The Registration Committee consists of four (4) members elected respecting regional representation of all election units, and the Chamber president. The Registration Committee is managed and represented by the Chamber President who can convene the Board at his discretion at any time, and who signs documents passed by the Registration Committee. The Registration Committee is carrying out its tasks on the basis of public authorities ensuing from the law.


The Chamber disciplinary bodies are: Disciplinary Tribunal, Higher Disciplinary Tribunal, and Disciplinary Prosecutor.

In disciplinary proceedings against the Chamber members in the first degree are heard before the Chamber Disciplinary Tribunal, and in the second degree before the Higher Disciplinary Tribunal. The disciplinary bodies of the Chamber are independent, and they are accountable for their work to the Chamber Assembly. The arbitrators in the tribunal proceedings are independent and they make their decisions based on the law, the Chamber Statutes and the Professional Code. In disciplinary proceedings against a chartered mechanical engineer, the provisions of criminal, material and ministerial legislation apply, unless otherwise provided by the Chamber Statutes or a Disciplinary Proceedings Rules. The proceedings before the Disciplinary Tribunal and Higher Disciplinary Tribunal are held behind the closed doors.


The chartered mechanical engineers may reach a mutual consent to entrust resolution of disputes ensuing from conducting their business to the Chamber Arbitral Tribunal. The disputes with regard to membership and operations conducted by professional chambers arising among the members are excluded from the court jurisdiction and they are decided by the Chamber Arbitral Tribunal.


Chamber Executive Board commissions :

1. Commission supervising work of the Chamber members;

2. International relations commission;

3. Legislation commission;

4. Financial commission;

5. Life-long education commission;

6. Tariffs commission;

7. Information and publishing commission.

The Chamber Executive Board may appoint task forces for particular issues or other commissions, if required.


The members of the Chamber associate in regional committees of the Chamber. These committees are set up in the county seats, and organized so as to cover several counties. The following regional committees have been working successfully: Zagreb RC, Osijek RC, Rijeka RC, Split RC, and Varaždin RC.
The regional committee bodies include its assembly, council and president. The regional committee assembly comprises all the Chamber members whose registered offices are located in the regional committee catchment. The council of a regional committee with up to 300 chartered mechanical engineers consists of five members, and the one with over 300 chartered engineers comprises seven members. The council includes at least one representative from a territory of a county that belongs to a particular regional committee. The regional committee council is constituted on the date of election of the Regional Committee Council president. The president receives all the information, notices and guidelines from the Chamber Executive Board, monitors their implementation and reports thereon to the Executive Board. The regional committee council is convened minimum four times a year.


The Chamber activities includes jobs carried out by the Chamber based on the public authorities pursuant to the Act on Architectural and Engineering Activities in Physical Planning and Building and other activities specified by the Chamber Statutes.

In addition to all the work done by the Croatian Chamber of Chartered Mechanical Engineers as a professional organization with public authorities, an exceptional step forward in Chamber’s attempt to tailor its activities to the professional needs of its members was setting up of professional sections. Their consulting capacities and spot on professional involvement would provide for continual advancement of the mechanical engineering profession as an actor enabling a multidisciplinary interaction between different disciplines in construction.

The following sections have been established:

1. Pressure equipment section
2. Gas section
3. Energy certification section
4. Heating, cooling and air-conditioning section


One of conditions for professional advancement and additional education of chartered mechanical engineers is availability of technical literature and standards. The Croatian Chamber of Chartered Engineers enables its members an access to the construction legislation database, design engineering standards related to the fields covered by the chartered mechanical engineers, and different references.

In order to provide our members with good and quality information covering the fields of their interest, a Books and Standards Library has been open.


The Croatian Chamber of Mechanical Engineers is one of actors in implementation of the professional training program and compulsory training of persons conducting energy audits and/or energy certification of buildings.


The Croatian Chamber of Mechanical Engineers organizes the International Congress MECHANICAL ENGINEER DAYS as a platform for professional and scientific presentation of activities pursued by the chartered mechanical engineers. It offers good environment for improvement in contacts with relevant ministries and other state institutions, contacts with the professional community outside Croatia, and defining the vision of the mechanical engineering in the future.


One of permanently pursued Chamber’s tasks is lifelong education of its members. The Chamber has large experience as a carrier of the lifelong education of engineers in building sectors. The Chamber has organized almost 100 technical forums and lectures a year, which guarantees quality implementation of the Professional Education Plan.


The Croatian Chamber of Mechanical Engineers publishes a monthly electronic newsletter which is mailed to all its members, at about 1100 addresses of chartered mechanical engineers and others interested parties.

The newsletter issued by the Croatian Chamber of Mechanical Engineers is created as a service and an information network prepared for the members, chartered mechanical engineers and other interested parties.
The newsletter topics include:

- announcements of seminars and lectures
- important events related to the Chamber
- new literature
- changes in legislation
- other (new technologies, energy news, etc.)